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Margo Castellanos

Welcome to my blog about cinematography life. We will talk about movies, actors and producers. For all movies fans.

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  • Book Review, Friend-Zoned (Friend-Zoned #1) by Belle Aurora

    17 mai 2017 ( #book review, #Belle Aurora, #Friend-Zoned )

    4 hearts Friend-Zoned by Belle Aurora is a story of love, friendship and second chances. Nik is the owner of the White Rabbit dance club which is located near a boutique called Sarifa. Nik is tall, brooding and handsome and has captured the attention...

  • Alien vs. Predator - A guide to Ruining the Unruinable

    11 avril 2017

    If you take two beloved franchises that originated with gory and terrifying scenes of graphic chest explosion and skinning corpses and decide to enlarge your audience by making a PG-13 crossover with all the horror elements excised and replaced with mediocre...

  • Alien vs Predator Review P.2

    11 avril 2017

    Escaping the pursuing monsters for a time, Lex and Sebastian find the entire history of the lost civilisation set out in hieroglyphs on the wall of a chamber. They read of how the Predators taught the earthlings about certain advanced technologies, and...

  • Alien vs Predator Review P.3

    11 avril 2017

    As a piece of cinema, this film never rises above “pedestrian” and frequently sinks below “wretched”. As I told in my previous movie review on this films, it seems to be stuck between an ensemble cast and focussing on a few characters, which means we...


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