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Margo Castellanos

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Book Review, Friend-Zoned (Friend-Zoned #1) by Belle Aurora

Publié par Margo Castellanos sur 17 Mai 2017, 13:27pm

Catégories : #book review, #Belle Aurora, #Friend-Zoned

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Friend-Zoned by Belle Aurora is a story of love, friendship and second chances.

Nik is the owner of the White Rabbit dance club which is located near a boutique called Sarifa.

Nik is tall, brooding and handsome and has captured the attention of the boutique owner, Tina. She is perplexed by him as she notices on his cigarette breaks from work that he never smiles. After tragedies (you will need tissue for this ) that she has endured, Tina is still a cup is half full kind of woman and wants to put a smile on Nick's face.  Their friendship starts with a bag of those wacky candy lips and a note that Tina sends to Nik!

Nik has never had a friend who was a girl before.  

He is wealthy and is always leery of gold diggers, so he finds friendship with Tina refreshing.  I really fell in love with these two and their friends.  I had several laugh out loud moments, heart wrenching moments and moments where tears blurred my vision.  There is some angst and some surprises along the way.  I was told that this was a light-hearted read, but with the tears from me and some action sequences, I thought am I reading the same book?  All in all, I read this in one day and was really happy with this choice.  It was lighter than some books that I have been reading.  I think the author did a great job of telling us enough about the characters that I felt a connection with them and their friends, as well.

Thank you for reading this post! I hope you like it and if you did please leave a comment saying your own opinions about the book, I would love to read those! And if you still did not read the book, what are you waiting for?! :D

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